Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two boxes. A stack of magazines. An afternoon project!

So it was officially a snow day today!  I was supposed to have a test that I wasn't really ready for (partly because most of my focus the day before was on all the cancellations and not so much on organ transplantation and kidneys as it should have been.)  For the most part it has been loverly.  Payton did have to come to the realization that snow day did not directly translate into all day computer day.  But when I started the girls on making a house out of this box, he did quickly jump in. 
We've done so many project lately with the huge stack of magazines I've accumulated from my mom.  The girls decorated the inside and outside from their favorite pics from Cottage Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Simple magazines. 
It was a lovely afternoon working on this with the girls.  Then the boy decided he wanted to try one.  He didn't want a full box but he did find and empty oatmeal container.  And what he did.....was....special. 
It's a buddy house.  ....for Buddy.  Um.  Nice.
So we pulled out another box and we tried to go a different way with all this craftiness. 
And with Payton you can never go wrong with garage doors. 
He wanted a bifold hanger door.  Done. 
Much better buddy.  Free project and two boxes out of the storage room.  Score. 


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