Friday, February 3, 2012

OOOO....look and see what I found!!

I was still so sad last night that I didn't have pictures of some pretty major events when I realized that Tim had dumped alot of pictures off the camera before he went to....Tennessee?...maybe?  Wherever it was he went. 
Anyway, I found a crapload of PICTURES!!!  I did this quilt for Tucker, my nephew, for his 1st birthday.  The pattern was in Fons & Porter although when I first saw it, it was a lot like looking at a horridly outdated house.  The bones of it were good, but the fabric choice they picked out?  (shudder)
They put ugly animal fabric in the doors.  Now where is the imagination in that?  Where's the love?
My mom and sister let me dig through their stashes and mom gave me a whole box of different types of fabric for these guys.  The horse is super fuzzy.
Glad I didn't scrap those pink corduroy pants that don't fit...perfect pig!  The applique was actually really easy once I got started.  The patterns are just printed out pictures from the Internet.  Google animal color pages and select whatever you want!  I had a lot of fun making this and getting all the different textures onto these guys. 
I found so many great pictures I can't wait to share.  The last time we went to Spencer, Mo with Tim's parents I took a bunch of how the gas station is coming along and part of our day at the Apple Butter Festival.  ....more to come!  I feel so much better knowing that there is some documentation that I didn't just lock my kids in a closet last semester during nursing school. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm blogging because I'm sick...

And thank goodness that I really am sick because frankly, I needed a break.  I've been cleaning puke, doping up fevers, filling and refilling humidifiers, studying, dealing with work issues, prepping for tests, labs, paperwork.....for 3 WEEKS NOW!  Not that I'm bitter, but It's MY TURN.  Somebody...Anybody...please dote on me!  Well that may not happen, but I sure can dote on myself.  I dropped Payton off at school, went to the store to refill the milk stock, ate many donuts, and snuggled with the girls while perusing Pinterest.  I've been waiting for this.  A day where the main goal is basic personal hygiene. 
I was looking through pictures on my camera and got so sad because they were all of Tim's work out in the shop. 
They all look like this.  Not that it's a bad thing, but it used to be stuffed with pictures of other things.

There are no crafts, or flowers, or beautiful pictures of my darlings.  I've been busy, I know, but it sucks when you realize how busy.  I didn't take pictures of Payton's birthday party, or Christmas.  What the heck.
I need to get it together. 

Isn't she beautiful.  I feel better already. 
So since the last blog....we had Christmas.  It was wonderful.  It was a big family get together at my sister's house with awesome food, warm cider, Scrabble, and Payton's Beyblades.  Payton got Beyblades, he got Beyblades, he likes Beyblades, do you see his Beyblades, do you want to play Beyblades....Payton likes Beyblades.  We heard Beyblades for....HOURS.  Then we went to Salina for another Christmas.  It was warm and cozy and we even got to do some sledding.  Ella shocked everyone when she told Papa she wanted to sled by herself...didn't want to ride with mom.  Big girl.  She was awesome!  Again, I don't have any pictures.  :(
Payton's birthday went really well, too, despite the fact that he was down with the croup. 
No pictures. 
I do have these though that I will leave you with.  They were the only other ones on the camera.  Tool crap, airplane crap, machinery crap...and then....this.
Maybe I'll make a pie today.
I could make a pie.