Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I LOVE!!

This, my friends, is an awesome find.  This is a toy, called Snap Circuits, Jr., you can get from Imagine That Toys here in Wichita.  It's a board that you can plug these electric pieces to make all kinds of different things.  For example, there are schematics for lighting up lights such as above, patterns to make sirens work, and patterns to turn the board into a gadget to check battery power. 
He came to me the other day with a big grin on his face.  He'd used one of the patterns to turn the board into an FM radio.  He was able to change stations and adjust sound.  So.  Freakin.  Cool. 
This is the base set that has the board.  You have to get this one first or you have nothing to snap the circuit pieces into.  They have two or three additional sets that have different pieces.  The sets are about $20-30 each and with those you end up with about 500 project patterns.  It is so worth it and so cool.  Have I said "cool" enough?  I'll try and find a different word. 
Next on my list of current loves:  Maddie's red boots.  Today we went swimming at the YMCA and she was wearing her pink tutu swimming suit and her red boots.  She rocked it.  And how could she not?!  My mom's friend grabbed these at some estate sale.
Next:  Whirley-Pop.  Payton got this from my mom and dad as well.  And you read that correctly, they gave it to HIM, not ME.  $24 from Ace Hardware I think.  The Spice Merchant used to have them, but I'm not sure they still carry them.  So it's the coolest pan for making popcorn. 
Add the oil and popcorn and turn the handle and you get awesome popcorn.  First thing Payton wants when he gets home, when he gets up from quiet time/nap time, when he gets done in the shop, and generally everyday between the hours of 3-4pm, is Whirley-Pop. 
Next:  Downton Abbey on PBS.  I's PBS so some of you may have already fallen asleep, but wake up folks because this series is sooooooo good.  I am OBSESSED with watching it. You can watch the entire first season instantly on Netflix, but the rest are only on disk.  HOWEVER!...Target has season 1 and 2.  I know because I have.  I couldn't wait.  My damn disk didn't show up the day it was supposed to and my patience was lost.  I had to see what happened next.  Now, to be honest, part of that is because of.....
                                                               BACK OFF HE'S MINE!! 
One of the other outstanding actors that make this series so good is Maggie Smith.
She's so sarcastically, Bristishlly funny.  "At some time everyone goes down the aisle with half the story."  "Give her his name after she's out of mourning.  Nobody wants to kiss a woman in black."  She's wonderful!  Seriously, this series is worth it. 
Finally, I found this book downtown at Material Girls, but you can find all her stuff (including tutorials) at:
Anyway, she finishes off quilts and baby blankets with this super cute crotchet border.  Now, I don't crochet, but I will learn....soon.  They had samples in the shop and I couldn't get over how cute they looked!  It really put a neat twist on these blankets.  So that's it people.  That's all I have.  Until later....