Friday, September 30, 2011

My very cool study buddy...

So this is our little Blue Jay.  I don't know what's wrong with him, but for some reason, he is completely tame around us humans.  He loves the kids, he loves riding on the handle bars of their bikes, and sitting on top of the swing set while they're swinging.  He's also been a great study buddy for me.  Most days I sit in my "dumpster find" rocking chair outside and study while the kids play and he's been around giving me moral support.  I guess here he was making sure that I had the right material for the upcoming test. 
Sometimes he just sits there and provides moral support...

Sometimes he stuffs seeds and leaves into my hand for snack time.
You must keep up your strength after all.
He even tries to help me turn pages.  I think he knew I had the physical assessment stuff covered and really wanted me to focus on wounds.  Good call.
Then he'll fly off to keep an eye on the kids and help them with their sidewalk art.
He helps Maddie find the best color option for her scribbles.  Is it really any surprise he prefers the blue chalk?  Seriously.  I took so many pictures of this because it is just too cute and unbelievable.  This is Snow White Disney type stuff.