Monday, December 12, 2011

O Christmas Tree! A Return to Blogging...

So we loaded up the ol pickup with squirming children to venture out to Windy Knoll Christmas Tree Farm again this year.  We discovered this tree farm last year and we love it.  It isn't as picturesque as Prairie Pines, but the trees are really pretty, cheaper, and it's a mom and pop farm that's really friendly.  So, Off we go. 
Payton had to ignore me.  Couldn't smile for a just might kill him. 
Ella couldn't smile either because she was pouting about something or other at the time.  Maddie on the other hand....well I'm pretty sure she was smiling under her hat.  How could she not be?!  Spaz.

I turned on the radio to B98 FM hoping to add a little cheer to our trip.  It was Celine Dion.  This is how Tim felt about that.  He thought T95 was more appropriate for his Christmas cheer tank.  Sorry bud.

So off we went!  It was a cold and rainy day, but that didn't stop the kids from running around and touching each tree.  They had a whole list of pro's and con's for each tree.  It was pretty cute.

Payton's only stipulation was the tree had to be bigger than dad, because that was the true definition of "tall."  We were successful.  Tim just laughed and shook his head.  He thought I was a Clark W. Griswold tree with no room for the angel on top.  We were determined it would be just fine!  Measurements shmeshurments.

Dinner, PJ's, and finally...tree decorating!  They were more excited than they ever have been before.  It's kind of cool now that they are older, they were actually able to decorate the tree themselves.  I did have to do some relocating or all of our ornaments would've been all on the bottom 2 feet of the tree.  It's a beautiful tree.  Pretty full...lotta sap.  Next we sat them down for the annual Christmas Pics of Busy Ryan Children.
This is my favorite time of the year....

Starts off with a winner right off the bat....I was a little disappointed, but then they went back to their own usual form.
And finally we were left with Payton who was so sick of saying cheese that he gave up.  The girls were running down the hallway fighting over a book and seconds away from their own personal time-out corners.
Doesn't this picture just scream "TIS THE SEASON!"

Love her expression here.  Can't force an expression like that.  Good to know that's how she feels about her mother....

Now this pic is my favorite because it's beautiful and looks so wholesome.  This is a picture that the Hallmark company would use to sell their books.  However....although it looks like Payton is peacefully standing there listening to the story, he's actually blocking the light for Ella's book.  It's one of those pre-recorded books and it reads the story based on how much light goes into the little holes along the spine of the book.  So Ella gets into the story and Payton casually leans into the light to stop her story.  She was screaming mad at him seconds after I took this.  But at least I caught a brief 2 seconds of love and tranquility.