Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Wall of Fam!....DONE!


Finally finished my wall project I started a while ago.  Actually I finished it about two weeks ago, but whatever.  I really wish the pictures were prettier of it, but they were just taken with my iPhone.  Eh.  Whatever.  So this is about three different Pinterest pins at work here. One for the pictures on painted plaques, another for the signs, and a third for the fabric in the hoops.  Thank you Pinterest.  I adore the day I discovered you.  I should make a board for all my pinned successes....and other for the flops.  Pins of Fame and Pins of Shame. 
So the purpose of the wall of fam was to not only have these amazing pictures out and be able to enjoy them, but also I want my kids to eventually realize how lucky they are to come from a long history of strong and loving families.  This picture is of my mother-in-law's family at Sunday dinner.  She is the youngest of 14 children. 
Next is a picture of my mom with her brother and sister.  Outside.  Fresh air.  That's what you did back then.
My mom is the one in the middle.  Next is my dad.
There is a better one I could've used of his dad holding him when he was a baby, but I just fell in love with this one....his little face.  Next is my father-in-law standing on the roots of an uprooted tree that a tornado took out.  It's hard to see on here but he's the skinny pole standing next to the skinny pole. 
This next one is my mother-in-law getting kisses from her mom and dad.  It's so stinkin' sweet.
So much love in these families.  And so lucky to have these pictures to prove it. grandpa Walter and his sister Bernadette.
I really have so many more pictures I want to put in but I did have to consider the scale of the project.  It could've gotten way bigger.  There's a gorgeous picture of my Grandma Reiter standing in a riverbank so carefree and wonderful.  There are more of my dad with his sister when they were coming over on the boat from Italy.  Some good ones of Tim making homemade noodles with his Grandma....

Maybe in the next house....right.  More room, more space...more pictures!!
I still need to repaint the bench underneath and get some cute cushions on for a really lovely space.  Someday....