Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well Happy Halloween to you all!  Yesterday we spent a great day with my in-laws going trick-or-treating to family and friends.  Within just a couple houses the kids' bags were full...spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.  Now today (Payton's third consecutive day of Halloweening) we have yet another full day planned.  There are owl cookies to make, pumpkins to carve, and then heading over to my sister's for the Halloween donuts and another round of trick-or-treating.  Now normally I would call this a classic example of my shoving five pounds of crap into a one pound bag, but since the kids actually let me have my morning down-time of watching Sunday Morning on CBS (my favorite show since childhood) and drinking coffee, I feel like I can handle it.  Oh yea...and handle it by myself.  See, Tim's heading to Illinois for work so I'm flying solo this week.  Can Kelly do all of this on her own...all five pounds of this one pound crap-bagging?  Sure.  Because I'm practically perfect in every way.  Just one more hit off Farmville and I'll have my sanity all wrapped up in a neat little package.  Criticize farmville all you want, but that daily dose of exterior decorating sure puts me right....well that and Celexa.  ALRIGHT!!  Onward and upward!!  We're going to knock this Halloween outta the park!  (yawn)  I'll post pics later on of all these festivities...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Juan looked at the blushing Kelly and smiled the smile that let her know that this was the moment they've been waiting for, the moment that's been building for months now.  They were finally alone.  The barn was empty of workers and the scent of hay and leaves was thick.  Even the animals were out of the barn, and there were positively NO spiders anywhere because in this barn spiders didn't exist. 
Juan started moving slowly toward her.  Each step was calculated to create the perfect brew of intensity and want.
Mom?  I'm hungry.
Her body quivered and her breathe was short and quick.  Pupils dialated with the need to have every moment taken in and saved.  Finally they were only inches apart.  She could smell him, a musty smell of old spice, sweat, and tractor.
She couldn't take it anymore.  She grabbed his flannel shirt and jerked him toward her, his face and breathe upon her.  His lips closing in on hers.  Finally, finally, finally...this was the moment....
What Payton?
I'm hungry.  I want
Payton, it's early honey.  Can you just let mom sleep a couple more minutes?  Just give me five more can put it on the timer, just five more minutes and I'll get up okay. 
Okay mom...five minutes.  I'm going to put it on the microwave. 
Fine...fine.  Okay sleep please please let me go back to that dream...please please please...sleep take me back to the barn.  Where was I.....there were leaves and hay and he was about to kiss me...sleep sleeeeeeeeep.
Ms. Ryan?  Ms. Ryan?
Ms. Ryan do you or do you not have your paper to turn in?
My what?
Ms. Ryan, your comparative reflection paper.  Do you have your paper to turn in?
Um...I don't know.  Wasn't there a barn somewhere around here?  Or some hay stacks somewhere? 
Your paper Ms. Ryan.  Do you have your paper?
No.  I don't. 
Well Ms. Ryan I'm very disappointed in you.  And may I ask that next time you bring your paper and it is also common courtesy to wear shoes to class. 
Yea I know...this is the dream where I forget my shoes and my homework.  I hate this dream.  Damn Juan.
Mom?  It's been five minutes. 
Yup.  I'm up.  (sigh)  Let's start the day...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

She's practically perfect in every (yawn)

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My web log.  This is actually a very difficult step for me considering that I'm still very much a pen and paper kinda gal.  I've never even advanced into the computer journals, so I feel like I'm skipping a step here.  Well to start off my name is Kelly and I'm a wife of one and a mother of three.  I start with that, because that's when I really felt like a started being me.  Up until then I remember a lot of wandering and being lost in my head and not really realizing what was going on around me, but then I got the jaw dropping news that the little blue line on the little white stick can give you and all of a sudden things seemed much clearer.  Suddenly I had purpose, direction, drive, and from the word go knew that this was where I was supposed to end up.  So that's really when I started to be me through and through. 
Seven years later I'm still me and now feel compelled (after some nudging by friends and family) to write and share what's so wonderful about my day to day...and sometimes not so wonderful.  It'll take me some time to get this all figured out, but I hope you enjoy reading and I hope some of the ridiculous stories that I post about this chaotic family will make you laugh, because knowing that may give me just enough umph to keep at it.  Thanks and enjoy.