Saturday, August 23, 2014

I neeeeeeed to make something....anything....I just need to MAKE.

Between moving to a new house, selling an old house, building a shop with hubs, starting a new job, and now back to taking a class for my chemo certificate, I have had almost no time to just let my brain go and be creative.

It's getting to the point of desperation.  I go downstairs and just look at all my projects, not with the intent to start anything, but just to touch all the pretty fabric and all the pretty ideas.

Pinterest is NOT helping.  The idea works...just relax for five minutes and peruse crafty ideas and crafty blogs but ultimately I pocket the phone feeling all pissy that I can't drop everything and make/do/sew/cook all the things I see.

So I've taken to small projects.  I got the above frame at Hobby Lobby (the devil's store) and did really like the chicken and cow pics in them.  But one evening I needed a break from the fascinating (and ultimately depressing) world of cancer, I went downstairs and tried to figure out where to hang this sign.  Curiosity struck and I poked my finger through the chicken wire and the picture fell to the floor.  Oh darn.  I'm much happier with my fix.  Don't know where to put it, but my brain and type B side was VERY happy for the break.
Didn't need to do much here.  Found a fantastic card catalog at an antique store.  New recipe box.
The recipe in the frame is a handwritten recipe from my grandma.  It's legit with food stains on it and everything.  Makes my day to see these simple things.

It's getting better...but then I think about all I still want to do...
Paint this bench here....bind my quilt....make another quilt....paint this rocking chair....hang up this pallet...make some bunting and hang that up...find an old ladder for the girls room....paint the old coat rack...find something to do with the super cool screen door I found....


Need to go study.